The quick story:

  • I am constantly exploring the intersection point of business, innovation and design to contribute to progress (social or economic) in different market ventures. 
  • I am a global citizen. Malaysian-Chinese made and cultivated (Miri, Borneo!). Omani improved. Exported to Canada. Distributed in the United States (Current: NYC) and Kenya.
  • I am a connector and strategist. I thrive on discovering and piecing together unexpected findings/moments/research/people.
  • Other things that excite me include: dogs, a good book, music and hiking

Stuff I’ve done and am interested in:

  • I’m currently based in New York, working with a startup called Incandescent, a firm focused on the question of how to build, run and create enterprises better. We undertake research and development, advise companies from Fortune500 to early growth-stage entrepreneurs, and engage in venture development. We specialize in problems related to organizational and systems design, human performance, organizational performance and shaping movements that integrate the efforts of a range of actors.
  • I most recently worked at the International Finance Corporation, the private sector development arm of the World Bank, in emerging markets investing across Sub-Saharan Africa with a portfolio focus of healthcare and education. I mapped out 14 markets in 7 countries, resulting over US$60m in potential investments to improve health in the region.
  • I structured and financed deals in healthcare and nutrition for Acumen Fund in Nairobi. I primarily worked on a hospital deal in Uganda, micro-nutrient packaging deal in Kenya and developed the organization’s EA healthcare investing strategy.
  • I collaborated on a project with Acumen Fund to empower the next generation of leaders in patient capital through developing their +acumen venture network, curriculum and chapters.
  • I recently co-founded and am currently an advisor at The Design Gym, where we are building a community of solvers through a series of design-thinking workshops.
  • I worked in asset management in Vancouver, focusing on emerging markets, risk and compliance. One of my projects included the global integration of our $40 billion emerging market resources into the Canadian institutional investment space.
  • I worked with the Mohama Temeng women’s group in the mountains of Lesotho to create a sustainable agricultural-poultry system to support HIV orphans.
  • In Soweto, Johannesburg, I was part of a team who consulted Ikageng Itereleng, an orphanage, on their organizational structure for better financial accountability and sustainability.
  • With Young Women in Business, I helped young women discover their passion and organized events to enable them to reach their full potential. One of my favorite events that I co-created was our Intergenerational Salon, where we brought together 40 remarkable women: 20 older, 20 younger, for an evening of story-telling and authentic conversations.
  • I write for two online leading publications: SocialEarth.org and SocialFinance.ca on causes I believe in, impact investing and social change.
  • I am an International Leader of Tomorrow Awardee and believe that through compassion, innovation and education, we can be the change in the world.


Disclaimer: This is a personal website.  The opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of my employers past, present or any other organization with which I am affiliated.  Additionally, as we all learn and grow more each day, my views are subject to change.